How to record programmes on a Sony KD43XF87XX SMART tv with built in YouView?

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We can't undertsna the instruction book as it doesn't say, and most of it is in a foreign language anyway.  How do we record a tv programme while watching another please? 


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    Yes, you get a nice big thick manual, and then you find it tells you not very much in about 14 different languages....  :( 

    But here is a resource that might be more helpful. Particularly if you download the Help Guide referenced there. 

    However, note that you cannot record while in the YouView UI. You need to switch to the Freeview UI to record. How to do this is as follows:-

    Press [Home] button on the remote control
        Go to 'Settings'
        Go to 'Channel Setup'
        Go to 'YouView Setup'
        Select 'Disable YouView'
        Select 'Yes' to confirm

    To return to the YouView UI, repeat the above, this time with ‘Enable YouView’. Note that you can Skip the offered Retune step on the way back in perfectly safely, which makes it a lot quicker.

    But I have no idea if, having set up a recording on the Freeview side, you have to stay on that side until it has been made. But I would imagine that you do. Anyone here know definitively?

    If you think the above is a complete faff, especially after reading what you have to do to record even once you get to the Freeview side, you are right.

    If you were missold the TV with the understanding that you could record from YouView, and you want to return it because you can’t, talk to whoever you bought it from.

    Or you can always buy a proper YouView box, and use that with your new TV, which is what I do.
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    Many thanks for your reply, I didn't get a notification that anyone had replied.  I have a Humax box, so i do recording through that.  Now have to work out how to use the YouView now to watch missed programmes.  
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    YouView send out emails for this, but you may not have subscribed. It’s always worth checking back on a forum to see if anyone has replied.

    I do hope you haven’t been patiently waiting nigh on two years for a reply that came the next day 😢

    A correction (very belated) to my posting above is that recording a programme while watching another requires two tuners; something the YouView boxes have, but very few, if any, of the Sony TVs.

    I feel that YouView on these Sony TVs does the EPG (Programme Guide) bit very well, with the catchup and all; but for recording, you really need a proper YouView box.
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    I use my Humax box for recording, just want to watch programmes I've missed :)
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