What is the point of the 'Watch in HD' feature?



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    Here we go...
    "Platforms such as SKY and Virgin have to pay ITV to carry their service, and I assume youview has to do the same."

    Actually, the opposite is true -


    All channels have to pay platforms to be on their respective platform. Apart from the BBC, who due to Govt pressure no longer pay a Platform Contribution Charge to SKY to be on their EPG. No one else previously charged them. Only SKY. These platform charges are more commonly known as carriage fees. 
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    This is not a subject I know about, so I can't really comment on.
    However, based on what I have read, and based upon the link your posted, (dated 2014), there are two factors, re-transmission charge and EPG listing charge, they are separate cost centres, as I said, I have no expertise in these, and I'm not here to debate it... all I really want is a "Switch to HD" feature, however, for reasons that I won't go into, and it's nothing to do with you Visionman, I am going to call it a day and move on, and wish youview the very best in the future...
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    The reasons why many channels don't wish to offer the "watch in HD" option is probably advertising related.

    Many micro regional adverts are only broadcast on the SD channels. It's more national on the HD channels.
    Certainly with STV (ITV in Scotland) there are 4 distinct (I believe it's 4 but may be more) micro regions where the SD channel will show local adverts.
    However STV HD will show STV WEST (Glasgow) adverts regardless of region. I get the Glasgow news on STV HD (as does everyone in Scotland) regardless of where I live.

    Metadata is NOT used when determining if "watch in HD" should be offered.
    Channel 5 HD currently isn't tagging anything I can find as HD.

    I have absolutely no idea how it chooses simply which programmes it should offer "Watch live in HD" on, but at the time of posting these are:

    BBC One
    Channel 5
    BBC News
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