Shambolic experience with ‘Leave Conversation’ in Vanilla

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Starting a reply in a private conversation, I wanted to quote from an earlier posting in the thread, but could not select the text I wanted to copy.

(I do not know if this is a Vanilla limitation, or an iPad Safari one).

In the general forum, you can solve this by exiting the draft, collecting the text you want, and reopening the draft and pasting.

(Or by deleting the draft and starting over, though deleting the draft is a roundabout faff, and we still don’t have the simple Abandon/Cancel that we ought to have as an option button on the draft).

But in a PM, all you are given is ‘Leave Conversation’.

So I thought ‘OK, I’ll leave it, and come back later’. But nope, leaving the conversation is irreversible, permanent not temporary.

However, this only takes full effect when you log out and log back in again (or something equally drastic).

While still logged in, you can still see the PM conversation, and apparently still post in it, except you get told you don’t have permission to post, and then Vanilla keeps blowing up with a big sad face until you log out.

After which, when you log back in, you can’t see the PM conversation as a PM conversation any more - though you can at least still see the postings from it in your Activity, albeit mixed in with all your other Activity, in reverse chronological order.

None of this seems very satisfactory.

Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats


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    What does 'Call to undefined function plural()' mean? As I was only posting a public forum post?
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    It is a gentle mishandling of your posting. Anything more serious, and you will get this bad boy:

    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,688 admin
    Hi Roy,

    When you say you were trying to quote an earlier posting, do you mean from a public forum thread or earlier in the PM? We've used a variety of devices and haven't had a problem with C&P-ing in the forum text box or in PMs so it might be something unique to your device. It'd be interesting to know if you have the same problem if you try an alternative browser on the same device. I've tried this on an iPhone using Safari and have not been able to replicate it so far, I can try on our Apple tablet as well. 

    At present there is no draft feature when sending a PM, I don't think there is a feature available but I can ask if this is something you'd like to have. Leave Conversation means that you will no longer be in that PM so any further messages sent by anyone else in that conversation will not be sent to you. 

    I'll query this with Vanilla as once you leave, it should show that you have left rather than keeping you in until you try to log out or add to the conversation and it cause an error. 

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    Hi Sarah,
    Roy was trying to continue/reply to and in a PM conversation with me.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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