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    Here’s what Freeview themselves seem to think they offer.

    Curious that they just have 250 BBC Red Button, 261 Racing UK, and 264 VisionTV (an aggregator of many other channels) above the broadcast channels, and don’t show 265 Planet Knowledge?
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    No wonder Joe Public gets confused!
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    Stevef said:
    No wonder Joe Public gets confused!
    Not only Joe! It's on this Freeview list:

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    I have a real issue with how Freeview markets itself to be honest.

    For a start, you have to have a TV licence to watch Freeview channels, so it isn't "free to view" in any sense. Transmitted freely yes, but watching any of it, no.

    Then there is this strapline that they keep putting out there:

    "Don’t pay for what you don’t watch. 27 of the top 30 channels in the UK are available on Freeview, while 95% of the most watched programmes are for no monthly cost."

    Sounds great doesn't it?

    Well the bit on "27 of the top 30 channels" comes from a report collated between 2012 and 2013 amongst approx. 3000 people who don't subscribe to Sky Cinema or Sky Sports, so a stunning 5 years out of date and missing arguably some of the most important channels in the market!

    While the "95%" of the most watched programmes are from 6 months in 2014 (and/or 2016 depending on which bit of the website you read).  :o

    That said, they are quite clear that Freeview constitutes 70 channels delivered via an aerial with up to a further 15 available in HD depending on various factors. The interactive section of their website states that Planet Knowledge is only available on select Freeview HD devices, so I think this is a case of caveat emptor.

  • This will be my last post and will no longer be following this post or forum.  Thank you all for your comments.

    After reading the description, I bought the box in good faith that it was what I wanted, but as I have said at best the description that I read was misleading.  I am not satisfied with the box and as stated the box is being returned with a guarantee of a full refund for its cost.

    Thank You All Once Again.  :)
  • stereohavenstereohaven Member Posts: 65 ✭✭
    At least you got it sorted to your satisfaction, in the end, that is all that matters.
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