HUMAX DTR-T1000 crashing when Broadband is disconnected

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We have a second hand Humax DTR-T1000 which works perfectly fine for the most part, however, it hasn't been properly connected to the internet as the router is quite far from the box. I got a WiFi extender with Bridge mode and used that to connect the box to the internet. It worked well except after I powered down the extender, the box seemed to crash and on a few occasions now, each time the extender is turned off, the box crashes, this doesn't always happen straight away though, it can work happily for hours without any internet then suddenly crash. Up until the point we connected it to the internet, it worked fine. Has anyone else had any issues with this box and internet connection?


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    T1000, strike 1. Secondhand, strike 2.

    No longer working properly... well, let’s see if we can help you avoid strike 3.

    Firstly, are we talking about real crashes - box stops working, is unresponsive, needs to be power cycled - or just the normal response of a YouView box to having its internet connection whisked away, a YVM message and an inability to go on from there?

    If the latter, this is normal. YouView boxes, ever since the ‘vast improvements’ wrought by NextGen, demand an internet connection to work properly, if at all.

    If the former, though, you should try a Maintenance Mode reset. Try a Mode 2, which is at least self-contained and preserves your recordings, or failing that a Mode 4, which does need the internet on, though.

    If still no go, a Mode 5 is the most drastic reset, though this one does wipe your recordings, so try to watch them first.

    If that doesn’t fix it, then there are things people used to do with replacement capacitors and/or new hard drives, but these are really no longer worth pursuing with this very old box; I suggest replacing it with a T2000, or a T2100 sourced cheaply off eBay.
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