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I have a BT youview box which has been working perfectly for almost a year. I also have a V6 box from Virgin which I just linked up recently. Since linking up the V6 box to my main tv the BT box is not connecting to the Internet. I contacted Virgin but they say there is no problem with my Internet connection. The BT box conections with an ethernet plug and cable and so does the V6 hox,  my previous Virgin box did not use an ethernet plug or cable I feel the problem is something to do with the ethernet plug.  Can anyone help me please?


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    I take it you are still using a BT Broadband connection, the BT router is still in place, and you have connected the V6 box to that, rather than trying to work over Virgin cable with a Virgin router now?

    If not, that is where your trouble lies.

    But If the above is the case, I would suspect an IP address clash, so reboot your router and let its DHCP sort out a new and separate pair of IP addresses for the devices.

    You can download the free Fing app to a tablet or smartphone, and let it sniff your network to ensure there are no IP address clashes (or to reveal them if there are, in case the V6 does not heed DHCP).

    The next test, if still no,go, is to disconnect the V6 at the router end, and see if this brings the internet connection of the BT box back or not.

    Then come back with the results of all the above, and, if necessary, we will go from there.

    Or, as it is a BT box, you can ring BT for help and see what they say,
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