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So I have had a Huawei DN371T for getting on for 3 years now and I have loved it. It was £40 from Asda at the time and has done us well. It seems to have given up the ghost now which I'm gutted about. Anyway I need to replace it. I want to stick with Youview as I don't like Freeview Play which is built into a new TV we have just got for the kitchen. As tempting as it is to go on ebay and just find another DN371T, from what I understand this box hasn't had any updates for some time now and it is not going to get the Amazon Video update. It's perhaps time to move on. 

Can anyone recommend a box to look out for? I am likely to buy a second hand/ refurbished/ ebay one as I don't like spending money! As long as it does everything my old one did and I can still use the app to do remote record, I'll be happy. I don't know a great deal about the boxes and manufacturers but Humax keeps popping up. A lot of the second hand ones are branded - BT, Talk Talk or whatever so does this matter? Presumably they work just the same as a retail box.



  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 9,437Member ✭✭✭
    The Humax T2000 or a BT T2100 are generally regarded as the superior boxes. 
    I have both and can't fault them for their speed and reliability.
  • DarrenDarren Posts: 282Member ✭✭
    I have the BT 2100 box and it works very well. My sister has the retail T2000 1tb version that I got her from Currys for her Christmas just under 2 years ago and that also seems to work well.
    Both the BT 2100 and the T2000 are made by Humax.
    I did offer my sister a choice at the time of the Humax Youview T2000 1tb box or a Humax Freeview Play box and she picked the Humax Youview box.

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    The branded boxes will work just as well as the retail T2000 (avoid the earlier T10x0 boxes), but be aware that they all run on different release schedules, which are permanently tied to the box model, and not to who your ISP is.

    This is not either an especially good thing or an especially bad thing, just something to be aware of, but you might want to hitch your wagon to whoever of TalkTalk, BT or YouView Retail you think may be most proactive in the future.

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    Thanks for your replies. That's great.
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    As a TalkTalk customer with both make boxes, I'd go Humax. I have 3 of these all working fine. I'm now on my 4th box from TalkTalk ( Huawei) over the same period, around 8 years.
  • stereohavenstereohaven Posts: 38Member
    I have a retail T2000 as well as the BT T2100 and they are both very capable. Personally I think the retail version is a better looker, but that may just be me.

    I also have a BT T4000 and honestly, I think the picture quality is better on the other two boxes. I find HD content very soft and I don't have 4K Sport so it is set to output only up to 1080p. Just as well it was free because it would have gone back if I parted with my hard earned!
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