Weak TV signal, missing freeview channels after YVM302 code and retune

Emily123Emily123 Posts: 1Member
About 2 weeks ago, I started getting the YVM302 error code on my TV, telling me the signal was weak. I followed all the steps in the help menu (incl. retuning), but the message still appears and a lot of freeview channels are now missing (ITV, Channel 4 - basically anything between the numbers 105 and 200).
I called the Freeview helpline, who established that
- the local transmitter is working
- there are no issues with the aerial (neighbours in same block of flats are not affected)
- a retune procedure yielded the same results as before.
They concluded that the issue must be with the Youview box itself, and referred me on to the Youview helpline. However, this helpline has closed, with only a recorded message telling me to get in touch with BT TV. I did this, and upon saying I had a freeview issue, was passed back to the exact same person at the Freeview helpline!
Since Youview no longer operate a helpline, who can I turn to for help with the actual Youview box? Can anyone here offer any helpful advice?


  • LouiseLouise Posts: 24Administrator admin
    Hi @Emily123

    Would you be able to let me know your full postcode (feel free to drop this in a PM)?

    You say ITV and Channel 4 are missing, could you also let me know if you can see any of the following channels?

    Thank you,

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