Toshiba TV all4-011 Error as soon as the programme is ment to start

Alex94Alex94 Posts: 1Member
Hi there I have just recently bought a Toshiba smart tv and ever since I have had it I have had issues with all4 and channel 5 catch up I have gone back to factory settings 3 times and no change and I have noticed some people have said to change khz or something but can't figure out how... Really need some help thank you 😊


  • BizBiz Posts: 34Member
    edited 7 November 2018, 12:19AM
    Is this a problem with the bulit-in Freeview Play in your Toshiba or have you connected a Youview box to the TV. Or does your model of TV come with Youview? Model numbers of any Youview hardware and software versions would help to narrow down your problem.
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