Cancelling BT TV - what will happen to the box?

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If one cancels BT TV, one will only lose it's BT TV services. Effectively the BT Player and BTs IP channels.

From there the box will still be able to use 'trickplay' facilities. Record, fast forward, rewind etc of Freeview channels. And it will also play all the non BT Players - BBC iPlayer, ITV, CH4 and CH5, plus all the extras such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So there is no disabling of the box involved in cancelling, only the loss of BT TV.


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    And for clarity, be aware that the loss of BT TV includes that any recordings you have made from BT TV channels or the BT Player will no longer play for you.

    And that if you stay with BT, all the BT TV gubbins will still appear on your YouView box (much as it annoyingly does on any YouView box used with BT as the ISP, even if the owner has never wanted to shell out for BT TV) but not do anything.

    And that even if you change your ISP, although this will make all the BT TV gubbins disappear at last, your box will remain forever a BT box, at least as far as the release schedules for new software are concerned, and follow the now diverging BT path in this wise.
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    Thanks for reminding me of that. If one has any IP (internet channel) recordings still on the box and then cancels their service, the recordings will then be be locked out and inaccessible.
    Which is/are due to rights issues beyond YouViews control.
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