AEI Digisender DG40 Working well with Youview T2120

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Message for Roy who was extremely helpful at the time I asked a similar question.When I was contemplating a change from Sky to Youview.Many months have passed but I have now "bitten the bullet" and given notice to sky.I now have my Plusnet T2120 box installed and connected this to my AEL Digisender through the Scart Socket and can report that I get a very good signal to my Bedroom TV and can change channels using the Youview remote,so solving the lack of a multi room installation..Michael


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    Cheers @“Michael Hrons”

    Glad you got that working.

    YouView recently did something in one of their releases that stopped SCART and HDMI working together, though I am not quite sure if this just affected HDMI and SCART into the same TV (which is a bit pointless anyway), or if it affected it into different devices.

    So let’s hope it is not the latter, and/or your Plusnet box is unaffected by it, and it’s not that it will or may be in a Plusnet release you have yet to receive.

    If you can kindly post your current software version, perhaps Sarah or Louise can tell us what the state of play is here.
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    We have the issue with HDMI vs SCART with our BT YouView box (which updated to the latest software the other day, still not resolved).

    Sounds like we have a similar setup.  Main TV in lounge wired to the box using HDMI.  Bedroom TV connected wirelessly via digisender type box (digisender connected to the YouView box using SCART).

    The problem is with the bedroom TV and HD channels. The minute you switch to an HD channel (or try and play an HD recording), it stops working - which was never an issue in the past.

    The problem isn't specifically related to not being able to use HD and SCART simultaneously.  If I leave the box switched on, tuned to an HD channel (or playing a recording of an HD channel) - then it works fine via SCART to the bedroom TV.  The fault only occurs when you change to a different channel, or try to select a new recording.  I my view, its definitely a bug - the downstairs TV is switched off at the time (at the mains plug).

    I really hope YouView will fix the bug - but I won't hold my breath waiting (we're an edge-case I guess - not many people using this setup).  But it drives me mad every time I forget, and end up not being able to watch something I've recorded earlier.  Started to learn to record stuff in SD rather than HD :smile:
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    Steve/Roy I dont have HD as I  still have an old Hitachi HD [720 ]Ready television downstairs and a Hanspree HD Ready in the Bedroom .I always record in SD and so far haven't had the problem you describe,I will look into my set top box software version and let you know whether it has upgraded to the latest version    Michael  BTW I am still a Sky Customer until 9th December so am using both Sky and Youview intermittently.
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