Information not available Sony TV

I have a Sony Android TV and recently the guide will not display programmes it say information not available, sometime it show the current programmes and future but the previous one are always not available. I have followed the guidance which was to check my connection, which is fine. I have also rebooted the TV and also retuned the Youview channels. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  • RoyRoy Posts: 14,535Member ✭✭✭
    A reboot is not enough. You likely need to do a Factory Reset.
    “Where’s ‘Jump to Time’ then? And all that other OldGen good stuff we were promised back, including the proper ‘Hide Channels’ and so on?” (Excerpt from ‘One Billboard Outside YouView Towers’, not coming soon to a box near you)
  • DJHB1980DJHB1980 Posts: 128Member
    I have to admit that the Sony & YouView ‘partnership’ is a complete disaster !!!!!
    horrendous experience from start to finish. 
  • BobbyRicBobbyRic Posts: 2Member
    The factory reboot seems to have done the trick, cheers 😊
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