Smart TV wireless connection to You've box

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All I want to do is watch the same channel on my smart TV in the kitchen as that being watched in the lounge. Is it possible to do this over my home WiFi network?


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    I take it you are thinking of trying to watch other than the basic Freeview channels in linear mode? (‘Linear’ being the modish new replacement for the perfectly serviceable ‘Live’).

    So you need to take a video and audio output from the YouView box, encode it for WiFi transmission, decode it at the other end, and feed it to a video and audio input on your kitchen TV.

    So which YouView box have you got, and what AV outputs has it got, out of SCART, phono/RCA, and HDMI? And what AV inputs has the kitchen TV got?

    You need to go digital (HDMI to HDMI), or failing that, analogue, at both ends.

    AEI, with their range of Digisenders from about £50 upwards, will have something that does the job, I’m sure. We used to use these to replicate the signal form our Sky box round our Spanish apartment.

    People have also done this with a Slingbox, which I have used to place-shift (as it is called) the controlling and the output of a YouView box in the UK some 1,500 miles to that same Spanish apartment, but that might be overkill just to get to the kitchen, unless you happen to have one lying about.
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