Loss of signal- support needed!

I had the message ‘no signal’ (with a code starting YV and ending in 302, which has gone now). I followed all instuctions to try and correct this but due to turning on and off the box and retuning the channels as it suggested I have lost all freeview channels! I am with BT but all subscribed channels are working! Please help!


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    Hi @sallyj1983
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    Can you please let me know what YouView box model you have? You should be able to find this on the bottom of the box or by pressing Help and then Info on your remote control. 
    Can you confirm how your box is connected to the internet and if your box is connected to an aerial?

  • Hi thanks for contacting me, I have a bt subscription but they work its the free view channels that don’t, my box has an aerial lead to the tv and a hdmi lead to the tv and is connected to the internet via a lead straight in the WiFi box and the youview box, the youview box number is DTRT4000, hope you can help?!?!
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    It does not sound as if you have an aerial connection into your YouView box?

    You need this as well as the aerial lead from the YouView box to the TV.

    As you have a BT subscription, you can give them a ring, and they will walk you through the setup interactively, should you have any further difficulties.
    Where do all those characters that you type in search boxes and which never appear go to?
  • Thankyou, I will try that
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