Planet Knowledge and Sports Channel Network launch on YouView

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Did I miss this or is this another 'announcement after the event' by YouView, is this newsworthy???

YouView users can now access VOD 365’s documentary and sports on-demand channels, Planet Knowledge and Sports Channel Network, as well as their on-demand apps.

Sports Channel Network offers free and HD coverage of football, golf, fishing, equestrian, winter sports, surfing, motorsport and formula E, while Planet Knowledge offers viewers hundreds of hours of free-to-air premium factual documentaries covering history, nature, science, people and travel.

The channels will be available through YouView set top boxes on channel 265 (Planet Knowledge) and channel 266 (Sports Channel Network).
Today’s announcement closely follows the premiere of VOD 365-owned kids’ on-demand channel, Ketchup, which made its debut on YouView in October.

Commenting on the agreement, VOD 365 Founder and CEO, Paul Coster, said: “We are extremely pleased to be extending our agreement with YouView which will see both Planet Knowledge and Sports Channel Network joining our kids’ on-demand service, Ketchup, on the YouView platform.

“Today’s announcement marks a key moment in our distribution strategy and underlines our ability to offer a wide selection of opportunities to our brand advertising partners as we continue to extend our digital reach to UK audiences, who will be able to access these exciting channels via both the on- demand EPG channel listings and app.”

David Faulkner, Head of Corporate and Business Development, YouView said: “Following the recent roll out of Ketchup TV in October, we are delighted to welcome both Planet Knowledge and Sports Channel Network to YouView’s line up of players.

“They complement the existing line up nicely, bringing more great content to our viewers, across the UK.”


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    You beat me to posting! I was still editing the announcement when you posted this, the announcement post can be found here

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    You missed it by minus 13 minutes!   :D
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    redchiz said:
    You missed it by minus 13 minutes!   :D

    Or about an hour after it became common knowledge ;)

    If this was my platform I would have had the announcement ready to go the second the business day started ensuring I beat anybody else, or have I picked the wrong job again and YouView's business day starts at 11:00 :)

    This is all tongue in cheek, I know the reality is there has to be a 'go' agreement before it can be announced but YouView do seem to make a habit of being the last to announce.

    Please feel free to delete this thread so as not to detract from the official announcement.

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