YouView looking to AI and voice to enhance discovery

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How long before we see this. Dread to think what options I will get offered when alexa hears my son's voice in the room, or on my day off when watching TV with my wife who would normally watch daytime TV on her own, lol.

YouView, the UK digital TV joint-venture platform used primarily by BT and TalkTalk TV customers, aims to tap artificial intelligence and voice-based navigation to identify who is watching and present content based on who is watching and factors such as the time of day, according to Sion Wynn Jones, product director, YouView.

As part of this drive, YouView has been working with Amazon on the use of voice search. Wynn Jones said that analysing who is speaking, what is the time of day and who else is likely to be in the room will enable YouView to surface content that could appeal to whoever is watching at any given time.


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    Do they have any idea at all how creepy this is?
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    It's actually very worrying! I love technology, but I really think you have to be careful how you set up & use Alexa. It seems as if you have no control if children use the device? Smart tv's if not setup correctly with voice command can hear all you are saying. I wonder who is listening? . . . . 
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    And do they have any idea how much this will infuriate people patiently waiting for even the most basic, taken for granted, features of OldGen to resurface in NextGen?

    Which is where YouView should be concentrating its efforts, instead of on building Winston Smith telescreens of highly dubious moral integrity  :#

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