after BT update, recordings cut into programme being watched

since the latest BT you view box update, where there is more info showing on the guide, now when a recording starts , that channel comes up and you lose the programme you are watching, any ideas how to stop that occurring.


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,055Member ✭✭✭
    This will occur if you are recording two programmes at the same time while watching a third, and they are all on different muxes (groups of channels).

    But if only two muxes are involved, or even just one, then no matter if you are making one recording or two recordings, this should not switch you away from the channel you are watching.

    So, what channel(s) were you recording, and what channel were you watching?

    We can then see if this is the unavoidable ‘max 2 muxes’ issue, or something else.
    Does HDMI stand for Hardly Dare Mention It?
  • mawspawsmawspaws Posts: 2Member
    Thanks Roy, was watching 231 BBC News, had bbc1 and bbc2 recording at 2000 last night, then 4 plus 1 to record at 2100, situation I think happened at around 2100.
    I think you explanation fits what happened, it was just it has not happened before the new guide feature update. Cheers
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