Setting recordings via the BT-TV APP for Android Oreo

PuffinPuffin Posts: 54Member
edited 2 December 2018, 10:46PM in Support
Is there a limit to what you can set to record on the YouView box via the BT-TV APP for Android? 

I go to live TV via the app for example I choose next Saturday 8th for BBC2HD Snowfall at 11pm, when I check it it doesn't have an option to record at all?

Should there be an option? 


  • RoyRoy Posts: 14,535Member ✭✭✭
    Best ask BT - they wrote it.

    I can set Snowfall, or even now Inside the Foreign Office - the very last programme currently shown on the YouView app, at 23:15 on BBC2 HD on Tuesday Dec 10.

    And even Everyday Eden at 23:55 on BBC4 HD that day, the very last programme you can get to at the moment
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