BT youview stuck on start up

DaytonaDaytona Posts: 1Member
I have a BT youview box model T2100, I've had this for a couple of years now with no problems, today I inadvertently unplugged it whilst it was switched on (took out the wrong plug) now when I turn it on its stuck on the startup screen and only one blue light is showing. I've unplugged everything and restarted and I'm having the same issue over and over and it just won't come on.

To make matters worse I have loads of stuff recorded on there. Can this be fixed without a reset to factory settings (not even sure if that is an option).
Thanks in advance .


  • John LJohn L Posts: 159Member
    Hi Daytona,
    There is a solution when you reboot box to maintenance mode, that hopefully will fix problem.
    Have you tried using maintenance options as per this link for your BT2100:

    Select option 2 1st reset factory settings. Follow instructions. If this doesn't work, try option 1 & 4, BUT NOT 3 & 5 (that delete recordings).
    If all else fails, try 3 & 5 at last result, but you will loose recordings. Good luck. Hope you are able to resolve problem. John L
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