YouView names its Director of Product as new CEO

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Congratulations Susie Buckridge!!!

Simon Duffy, Chairman of YouView said: “We are delighted to announce Susie Buckridge as YouView’s new CEO.

“We have selected a strong leader who knows the team, the shareholders and the market well and who is stepping up into this significant new role at an exciting moment in YouView’s history.”

Susie Buckridge said: “It is a great privilege to become CEO of such a successful British technology company.

“Richard Halton’s strong leadership means I will be leading a company at the forefront of the media industry.

“Our continued mission will be to work with our seven shareholders, harnessing their combined strength in the UK market to bring new TV products and services to consumers.”

Is the 'exciting' moment because they have to negotiate a new deal for funding :)


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    That's a very safe choice.
    Maybe YouView could have benefited from an external appointment - someone with a completely new perspective.
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    God help us. 
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    Paul1959 said:
    God help us. 

     From what?
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    @Paul1959 and @jonesh what is this? just good old fashioned sexism?

    She's pretty smart - better educated than Halton ( Cambridge v Warwick).
    But has been with YouView from the beginning, so probably steeped in the YouView culture.
    Who knows, she may have some radical ideas and might shake the place up a bit.
    But that would have been more likely to happen if they had appointed someone from elsewhere (IMO).
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    Buckridge knows her stuff and all things YouView and there's steel behind that voice.
    She knows where its going and will know where she wants to take it. 
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    jimb said:
    @jonesh what is this? just good old fashioned sexism?
    On the contrary @jimb. I was commenting on the earlier post. I thought that I had left enough clues.
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