I don't have an aerial so can't get Wifi catchup

JusJus Posts: 2Member
When I try and access ITV catch-up on my new Sony Bravia it forces me through YouView which won't work unless I set up through an aerial or cable connection. I have neither. Why must I do this? And as it won't let me watch catch-up, how can I circumvent this? 


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    Hi @Jus ;

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    ITVHub on your television requires YouView to run, which in turn will require an aerial to tune. 

    Is it that you do not have an aerial at all, or do not have a lead to plug into your TV from the aerial wall socket? 

  • JusJus Posts: 2Member
    Hi Louise.

    Thanks for your response. I don't have an aerial at all. I have a satellite connection, which apparently is not an option. I find it weird that I need an aerial to access a WiFi service.



  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,055Member ✭✭✭
    The ITV Hub, uniquely on YouView, requires to know what region you are in. This, apparently, is so it can show you region-specific adverts (though why the app on other devices doesn’t seem to need to do this is one of life’s enduring mysteries).

    Anyway, to learn that all-essential region, it relies on knowing which ITV region the TV side is tuned to. No tuned ITV region, no ITV Hub  :/

    But it doesn’t rely on the signal continuing, so you can actually connect an aerial one-time - maybe an indoor one, as long as it gets a strong enough signal to pull in an ITV signal - tune the TV, and then remove the aerial completely.

    The next issue you may get though, is that it used to be that YouView couldn’t coexist with satellite on these TVs, and switching to YouView would delete all your hard-won satellite tunings. I don’t know if you have experienced this, or have found to the contrary?

    And of course, although these Sony TVs have a satellite tuner, they don’t have Freesat, so you are limited to Now & Next programme details. But perhaps you don’t mind?

    Anyway, you can get the ITV and All4 players to work outside YouView, using a workaround developed by one ‘Hoshadiq’ - look up his GitHub repository for details.

    Though I doubt his fix will relax the ITV Hub rule that you need to have tuned the TV....
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