Box responds to remote once every 10 seconds

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Just developed this issue. I can use the remote once. Then it won't respond unless I leave it about 10 seconds. Then I can use it again - once. And repeat. It's very tedious. I've rebooted the box, reset the remote (and checked batteries), checked that I've got latest software. I even tried to get into maintenance mode (I have the instructions) but it won't respond as it has in the past and just does a reboot. I know it's the box as I have a spare youview remote and it is exactly the same with that one. I have model DTRT1000, which I own. Can anyone help please?


  • Go buy a new YouView box as you have completed the troubleshooting steps.
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,198Member ✭✭✭
    Make your painful way to the Factory Reset Option in Settings (the centre ring on the box may help you navigate more quickly than the remote here) and see if that rescues it, albeit at the cost of any stored recordings you may have.

    But if not (and perhaps even if you do get it back) T1000s are getting past their sell-by date, so look, perhaps, for a new PVR option.

    For which you may well find that a newer model of YouView box is your best option, especially if your T1000 has given you faithful service for a number of years past.
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