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I’m after some help please. In short, my Huawei YouView box from Talk Talk isn’t recording or playing back previous recordings. I’ve done a lot of reading into possible reasons for this and I’ve almost exhausted the various solutions.

It’s happened before (earlier this year) and the engineer resolved the problem quite easily. It was router related, and going forward the advice was to avoid restarting it because that increases the downtime. 

The fix lasted a while, but a few months ago, the box stopped recording or playing back again. I gave up and just watched live or on-demand...but on a whim a few weeks back I tried recording again and success!

The joy was short-lived and one week later, the problem returned. I have deleted all the failed recordings and those which were only part-recorded in an effort to hopefully remove a corrupted file.

I’ve  restarted the box numerous times, completely disconnected and powered it down and tried the keep recordings option in maintenance  mode...still without luck. If disconnecting and/or restarting the router is a recommendation, then I’m happy to try this.

The recordings I’ve made do playback, but I’m left with a blank screen as the timer continues. Other things I’ve noticed are that some of my subscription channels take a while to load or don’t at all. The recording lights on the box have stopped working...I guess because it’s not actually recording when I ask it too. The wording ‘ now recording’ does still appear at the top of my screen when I press the record button on my remote control.

The apps and software are both up to date too. I did wonder if a new router or firmware update could be the next step? I logged into my router yesterday and noticed the uptime was considerably lower than the downtime...but it hasn’t been restarted more than once since Feb/March and generally performs well. 

I have some recordings I really don’t want to lose...but if all else fails, I will remove everything...but would really like to get this sorted for Christmas. 

There doesn’t appear to be any broadband issues...I connect and can ‘surf’ just fine. On-demand apps work fine too.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. 

You View Box Model: DN372T.
Component software: 3.5.116.
Manufactuer software: 72.47.119.
Platform configuration: 4421.

Router: DSL 3780. ADSL 2+


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,114Administrator admin
    Hi @MHardie

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    Can you confirm if this happens on all of your recordings or just selected ones? If it's just certain ones then it'd be useful to know which channels and programmes they are. 
    Apart from some programmes failing to record, have you had any other issues with recordings not going ahead or working as expected?

  • MHardieMHardie Posts: 2Member
    Hello Sarah,

    Thank you for replying. Apologies for the lengthy detail of my problem.

    Just about every existing programme recording plays with a blank screen. They are a mixture between Freeview channels i.e BBC Two and Yesterday and subscription channels like UK Gold. 

    Some recordings give give an error message starting with IPC I think. Will have to go through them and check which channel they are for and report back to you.

    If I set a recording, it says it is recording in ‘My TV’ but once the recording ends it says ‘recording failed’  :/
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    This sounds very like disc corruption, for which the only known cure is a Factory Reset from Settings, or a Maintenance Mode 5, which is the same thing. But does wipe all your recordings; unavoidable in such a case, especially if you have deleted all the usual suspects already.

    And usually works, unless there is some underlying hardware issue, in which case TalkTalk should supply you with a replacement box, if you are on subscription with them.

    Though give it a while before trying this, in case someone comes up with a less drastic suggestion that is effective.

    I can’t see how a recording playing back incorrectly could be a router issue, and even your failed recordings could only be tenuously linked to such a cause, especially with a correctly configured TalkTalk router (which the engineer will have ensured) over which On Demand works fine.

    BTW, please don’t think me pedantic, as I know what you mean by uptime and downtime here, but these expressions are usually taken to refer to the amount of time your box is in a working state, and the amount of time it isn’t.

    The expressions you want, though, are Download Speed and Upload Speed. Both typically expressed in Mbps.
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