Error yvm302

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Hello. Yesterday I have received error yvm302 on my screen. I have followed all the steps, but in vain. Now, if I try to retune the channels, it manages to find only 6.. I have also done the factory reset, but without any help :( 
Any suggestions, please?


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    What Signal Strength and Quality do you get on those six channels?

    The YouView advice you have read omits one very important consideration; the state of your aerial, and the connection(s) from it to your TV.

    This can cover aerial fallen right down; aerial become misaligned; head amplifier failed; or its remote power supply switched off/disconnected; bad downloads; broken connections; bad socket; bad flylead.

    The easiest check on all these things is to plug the aerial cable that goes into the YouView box into a TV instead, and retune that; it will probably get more channels than the YouView box does, but if you don’t get the full complement, it is probably one of the thing above, and you have to work down the aerial cable chain until you find it.
    Does HDMI stand for Hardly Dare Mention It?
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