we cant update your Players & Apps

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got a humax .. iplayer wont load , went to player and apps on settings in you view / humax menu. s/w version 3.3.160(227a6c), manufacturer s/w 29.106.0  platform config 4129, last checked for updates - today's date  error message "we cant update your players & Apps" . I  cant get iplayer to load at all , either through the app or via the you view guide so selecting a programme say 4 hours ago... has anyone had this and fixed it please? this message comes up on "update  players and apps" ,... please try again later or visit support.youview.com for help..........have also done update software one box above - comes back - you have the up to date s/w ! thank you 


  • steve10steve10 Posts: 6Member
    1 shot of the error msg, 1 shot of the version of s/w etc
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    This error message is, or was, spurious, and can be ignored; if there had been an app update you would have got it.

    The BBC have borked the iPlayer, and it gets stuck loading on my Samsung TV, and has been for months, but it is fine on my T2000 YouView box, and AFAIK should be fine on all YouView boxes.

    So you should do a soft reset - while not recording nor about to, touch the On/standby button on the fascia of the box (or the centre ring if it is a T1000) for just over 8 seconds, until it soft reboots, and see if this fixes it.

    If not, try a Maintenance Mode reset, which is a bit more drastic, as described here. Choose the instructions for whatever box you have, as they are all a bit different - and please let us know what box model it is

    I recommend Option 4, as it refreshes your software, but still keeps your recordings.

    Please let us know how you get on!
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  • steve10steve10 Posts: 6Member
    Roy thanks for this. I have a DRDT1000 Humax box.  Will try the options in that order and report back ... cheers Steve
  • steve10steve10 Posts: 6Member
    Option 1 - soft reset done - no change - it sticks at this screen ..    
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