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elli_1elli_1 Posts: 1Member
hi, my old you view box has been replaced with a new one, everything was put in correctly and all working fine....until I tried to watch some missed programmes on catchup.... it starts ok by showing what programmes I can view, then it starts with a couple of adverts....then stops and tells me “where’s my programme” ..... It’s asking me to sign in .... but when I do on my iPad.... it remembers me from my older You view
Help please


  • John LJohn L Posts: 179Member
    Hi elli_i,
    Good evening. I don't have the ipad app, sometimes use the android app, but I can only guess that the ipad app has the recordings scheduled & what you previously recorded on the old Youview pvr? The data is all stored in the cloud server. So, the new pvr box will not have the recordings on the hard drive, only the information from the past box showing on the ipad, so I think you will have to re-pair the new box with your ipad app to match/pair the correct data? This is the interesting bit, can the cloud download the previous schedule data to your Youview, so that you do not have to spend time adding rescheduling via EPG/search? I'm not sure, but I wonder if anyone else has tried? It would be amazing if you could also retrieve the recordings lost from hard drive! Maybe a feature for the future.
    Would be interested how you get on. John L
  • redchizredchiz Posts: 4,855Member ✭✭✭
    Hi elli_1, if I understand you correctly then a new box can't remember your previous sign-in details for any apps which require them, but you should only have to do this once for each app.
  • robin0800robin0800 Posts: 49Member
    Think you need to disconnect the app on phone and then reconnect it to the new box.
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,197Member ✭✭✭
    robin0800 said:
    Think you need to disconnect the app on phone and then reconnect it to the new box.
    Correct. The app is paired with the old box, does not know it has gone, and does not know you have a new box.

    Touch the hamburger  - the sort of ‘triple equals sign’ top left on the app - choose Settings, and go through the Disconnect option you see there.

    (Though note that as below, you might like to note down what’s in the Schedule in the app before you Disconnect).

    After that, you can re-pair the app with the new box.

    Guide, Now & Next, and Discover will repopulate based on the channels on the new box (same as the old box, but the app doesn’t know this).

    Ideally, perhaps, under your circumstances, the app could read its schedule and re-establish that on the new box, but again, it does not know the circumstances here, so it will likely just repopulate its schedule from that on the box.

    Accordingly, as the app currently has the only available schedule of what programmes you had set on the old box, you might want to make a note of these before you Disconnect, as above.

    And then afterwards, set that up again where possible, either in the app or on the box.

    Finally, it sounds as though the Players on the box are asking you to sign in afresh, as they detect the new box; so you do that sign in on the box itself, or perhaps in your browser (which is certainly how the BBC iPlayer works), but this won’t be something you do in the YouView app on your iPad.

    Only if you start a Player on the iPad, from the YouView app, might you be asked to sign in to that Player; and that would be only if you had not signed in to it before, as even with all the above changes, each Player app on the iPad is the same Player app it was before, with all its settings intact.
    Where do all those characters that you type in search boxes and which never appear go to?
  • DanielDaniel Posts: 1,948Member ✭✭✭
    When you disconnect the app might be a good idea to screenshot the schedule page rather than writing it down to save you some time. 
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