Plusnet Youview TV Plusnet removed Subscribed packages Cant get them back?

Last Thursday Plusnet TVtech removed my two subscription packages ie Entertainment and BT Sport as I was unable to log in to the included Android BT Sports app for my smartphone {this came about because an error was made,by Plusnet when I ordered the Plusnet Box and packages]Since then I have contacted Plusnet on innumerable occassions in an effort to get these packages back.I am still waiting! Initially I was told that it would be 48hrs from removal,two days ago I was told it would be 7 Days,yesterday I was told it could be up to 10days as Activation Queuing was shown on my account.whatever that is? This morning I tried a full factory reset,which has completely removed all my recorded programmes and has not recovered my missing subscription channels.I have been offered two months BT Sport free for my trouble!!!! £10!!.I have got to the point now where I do not believe anything that Plusnet staff tell me and wish that I had never entered into a 2 year contract with PlusnetTV.Has anyone else had such poor service and if they did what was the end result,and is there any way to get my situation resolved...Michael..PS  All of my TV channels were working,but I had a problem with the BTsportsmobile app!


  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 9,422Member ✭✭✭
    You need to ask Plusnet what exactly is 'Activation Queuing?', as it usually involves a cancellation cooling off period.
  • yes agree now I have done as I also have BTP20000 fault?  Michael
  • VisionmanVisionman Posts: 9,422Member ✭✭✭
    Thats because the TV channels aren't working. What did Plusnet tell you?
  •  Tech TV Analyst issued a ticket to incident management team as it has been discovered there are at least three other customers who are getting this BTP20000 pink screen error on there subscription channels I am still waiting for my extra channels to appear its over a week now.
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    Have you posted on the Plusnet forum. There is a staff member posting under the username gandalf. This guy knows his stuff and I'm certain could be helpful to you.
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