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I have just gone onto a Fibre Router and after spending over an hour talking to an Talk Talk rep  on the phone and having difficulty understanding her I gave up. On my old router I could watch Sky free channels as part of package now from Sky One onwards I get NO Information available and a message stating Box and Router not connected. I can record, playback from box and have not touched it from the change of routers. Also Apps I get same message. I know an Ethernet cable would do the trick but the router and box are 10 feet from each other and I never had to use ethernet cable with old router.

PS Every channel is fine until 301 the Sky One channel

Must be something simple but no help from Talk Talk


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    I assume you have swapped out a previous TalkTalk router, to use with an existing, and previously working, YouView box?

    If not, can you please describe the circumstances here in a bit more detail?

    But if it is as above, then YouView boxes always need a wired connection to the router, so I wonder if your recollection of what you had before is faulty?

    An outside possibility is that you, or someone you know, did something very techie with WiFi adaptors; but I’m sure you’d remember if that was the case.

    The only other possibility I can see is that you had (and therefore should still possess) PowerLine Adaptors, to make the connection via the mains, in which case you should put these back in place like they were with the previous router.

    But ten feet isn’t far, so I reckon you will have had a direct wired Ethernet connection. And you will probably find the cable is still there, and running round the skirting board, or wherever. If so, plug the ends back in to the router and the YouView box.

    What you describe about the channels from 301 upwards not working, and the Players not working, is entirely because the YouView box isn’t connected to the router. Once you get it connected, though, however you choose to do that, it should all be fine.
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