New phone won't connect to app.

LennieLennie Posts: 1Member
Followed all instructions from 5010 error but no connection. Removed old phone from connected devices, turned everything off and on. Box and phone on same router. Help


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,289Administrator admin
    Hi @Lennie

    Welcome to forum! 

    Can you please let us know your YouView box model and the software it's on? You can find this by pressing help and then info on your remote control. 

    Can you also let us know the mobile device model you are using and the iOS/Android version it's on as well?

  • meviewmeview Posts: 5Member
    Try turning off mobile data, or even better, enable flight mode and then manually enable WiFi.
    I spotted this tip on YouTube as I had this same issue only a few days ago on Android connecting to a Humax T2010.
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