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We have a Humax DRT2000 and for the last 4 days we have to reboot it at the mains power for it to start working. I know that it is an older model but I was thinking about doing a total factory reset. Any help would be appreciated.


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    The T2000 (silver front, external power supply) is still the current retail model, and not superseded in this role. The superseded models are the T1000 (all black) and the T1010 (silver front, but power supply internal).

    First thing to try, when you get your box alive, is to touch the On/Standby button (on the left of the fascia as you look at the box) for just over 8 seconds, until the box reboots.

    This is slightly more effective than rebooting it at the mains, but not much; so if it is still misbehaving, you need to try a Maintenance Mode reset.

    The procedure is slightly different for each box model, so make sure you follow the instructions for the T2000, and not any other box.

    Try Mode 2, and if the box reboots OK, try Mode 4. Both these modes refresh the software on the box while preserving all your recordings; Mode 2 uses an internal copy of the software on the box, while Mode 4 fetches a fresh copy from a YouView server.

    I prefer Mode 4 as it is more thorough, but Mode 2 is invaluable for a box that has forgotten how to use the internet.

    If these options do not work, then your last-ditch option is Mode 5, which is the same as the menu Factory Reset, and does delete all your recordings. But your symptoms aren’t those that a Mode 5 is usually required for, so I fear if 2 or 4 doesn’t sort it, you have a hardware problem here, that we can’t help with.

    Anyway, try the above, and do let us know how you get on!
    Now away for a bit....
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