All 4 catch up freezing on youview box

waynedwayned Posts: 2Member
I’ve been pleased with BT youview box bought in Argos last December, I bought it for the catch up apps and for recording free view tv, my LG smart tv never came with all4 or itv hub, but I get problems with with the all4 app it freezes and on occasions will not start the programmes after the adverts.
In fact almost impossible to watch a programme, very disappointed with this app don’t seem to get this problem on my iPad.  My broadband is BT 50mb fibre optic. Is anyone getting problems with this app?


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,206Administrator admin
    Hi @wayned

    Welcome to the forum :) 

    Can you please let me know the YouView box model you have? You should be able to find this by pressing Help and then Info on your remote control. 

    Does this issue occur on all content you try to watch on All4 and ITV hub or just specific programmes/episodes? If you could let me know some of the content you've tried watching (plus any series or episode numbers) so we can test this it'd be useful.

    It'd also be good to know if this happens when you launch content from the guide into All4/ITV Hub, when you go direct to the hub to play the content or both. 
  • waynedwayned Posts: 2Member
    Hi Sarah
    Modal Humax-DTRT2110 Software version CDS/31.60.0 App Version 2.0.5 (33dc0ce).
     Just tried the all4 app now at 1.30pm and its working fine, yet at 11pm last night it was causing all types of problems, BBC iPlayer was working but the channel five catch up also had problems, UK tv catch up also working. 
    It seems maybe the time of day might affect the app, I will keep trying the apps over the next few days and post again. 
  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,206Administrator admin
    Hi Wayne, 
    There was a recent update to the All4 player so if your box hadn't automatically updated the player itself, this could have caused the problem. It'd be useful to know if this issue resurfaces later on today. 
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