New Freeview app

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    Looks like this could be a handy app (once they release the Android version).
    I particularly like the feature
    You can ... double-tap a channel to add it to your Favourites, then filter the guide according to the channels you like the best.
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    Downside seems to be you can only watch live channels when there is a Player that supports live channels.

    So BBC, ITV and All4 programmes are fine for this, but nothing else, not even My5, not Dave/Yesterday etc., though I have these Players, as they don’t do live.

    And no shopping channels at all, except when the Players listed carry shopping....   :#

    But Freeview have stolen a march on YouView here yet again, as the YouView app could have offered us the same range of live channels that Freeview does, leveraged in the exact same way by the exact same Players, but it doesn’t.

    And not for lack of me suggesting that it should.

    Oh YouView, I despair of you as you slip inexorably backwards from the cutting edge...  :'(
    Deploying my talents elsewhere now
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