How the cloud enables TV platforms to think outside the box

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Bits of this are interesting:

Although it's irritating to hear this again:
"Through the effective use of cloud services, we can deliver a much higher quality experience to our end users and we can release new features faster, and innovate at a much quicker pace."


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    I’m always fascinated by the disconnect between my perception of YouView as a well-meaning but resource-limited company that came to market with a cracking good idea in 2012, but whose leading-edge solution brought with it technical limitations and self-imposed limitations that shackle it still today, and the internal perception revealed by articles like the above.

    In the world of 2019, we expect things to be seamless; we start watching a box set on one device, and then switch to another device and expect it to know where we left off so we can resume from there; and it does.

    And we expect everything to link to everything else, via Bluetooth, or DLNA, or WiFi, or what-have-you.

    But YouView boxes don’t have any of these linking methods, in either direction, so they can accept an aerial signal, and stuff from a wired-only connection to the internet mediated by the limited range of supported players, all slightly behind the latest versions available elsewhere, and, that’s it.

    And make a recording on the box and you can watch, on the box. Nowhere else.

    So YouView is slowly being left behind; something NextGen was supposed to address, though it actually managed, in ways that matter, to move YouView functionality backwards, and it has never caught up again since.

    It’s good perhaps, that at YouView there is a lot of blue-sky thinking going on behind the cloud, even if is never going to come to fruition. And the pace of YouView updates has certainly increased; though every time I see the words ‘maintenance release’, a euphemism for ‘no discernible content’, my heart sinks lower.

    But I don’t want to see people at YouView thinking outside the box.

    Not until they have got the basics right, at least.

    I want to see people at YouView thinking about the box.
    Now away for a bit....
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