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as free sport  come off bt as i have not got it on channel 64 same go for 5 usa+1 on channel 57 all so now80s on channel 83 on bt but when i go too the bt app there on there but not on my bt box s on the tv guide .


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    These are not BT internet channels that come via your router.

    They are all Freeview over-the-air broadcast channels that come via your TV aerial, on the multiplex COM 8 (scroll down that page until you come to it), and I’m guessing you won’t have any of the others listed as active there - the ones with links - either.

    Put your home address in this coverage checker, and see if your most likely transmitter gets COM8 HD (same multiplex, but described differently there) at all, or if you could maybe get your aerial realigned and/or changed to pick up a transmitter that does.

    What transmitter options do you see there?

    Re these channels being on the BT App, have you got this paired with your YouView box?

    If not, you will just get a generic set of channels shown; but if paired, then it will synchronise with the channels list from your YouView box Guide within 24 hours or less.
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    thank for the  links - and the info roy 
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    Ken Hill1 said:
    That’s not the app, that’s a website.
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