Huawei p20 pro connection issue

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I have recently changed my phone and I'm trying the use the you view app on my you view boxes. However the phone won't pick up either box when trying to connect. 

I have a Samsung phone for work and I've just installed the app on it and it picks up both boxes no problems. It's an older Samsung on Android version 7.0.

My Huawei p20 pro is on Android version 8.1. 

What is the problem? Is the app out of date for 8.1?


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,205Member ✭✭✭
    Having two boxes is known to confuse this process, despite it being designed to handle this situation.

    Try turning the box you don’t want to pair with off at the mains, at a time when it isn’t recording nor about to, during the time while you try to pair with the one you do want to pair with.

    Even when there is just one box in the equation there can still be pairing problems. But the above is definitely the first thing to try.

    The second thing, if necessary, to try is to put the phone in airplane mode and then to try pairing, as long as the WiFi on the phone stays on, or can be turned back on while airplane mode holds off the 3G/4G.

    The third thing, if still necessary, is have you got PLAs in the Ethernet path from that box to the router? If so, can you temporarily bypass them somehow?

    Please let us know what, if anything from the above, worked for you. But there are still phones that don’t like the box, or vice versa, though Android 8.1 should be recent enough for it, if indeed not too recent.
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