Humax pvr freezing

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i have a humax pvr hdr 1100s and it keeps freezing on me.  The only way tonget control is to yank out the mains lead from the back and leave it awhile.  Now the problem goes further, as when this happens it freezes my tv as well.  I have had the thing on a sony bravia and also a panasonic, same effect.  I only have one humax box, and the remote for this and the tv are seperate.  Yes, i have changed the batteries in the remote.  Yes i have updated to latest software.  I generally leave it on standby overnight, turn on for an hour in the morning, then standby till lunch, then on for three hours, then standby, then back on in the evening for a couple of hours.  During watching i do fast forward over adverts a lot.  It is just so frustrating.  Does anyone know of anything i can do to prevent the thing from freezing?  Humax support are useless....


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    Hi @Tamsyn

    That’s not a YouView box, it’s a Humax Freesat box, which we don’t cover here, I’m afraid.

    But if it was a YouView box, I’d suggest a Maintenance Mode reset, so you might want to find out if there is some comparable reset you can do on your box.

    I’m sorry you find Humax themselves no help, but you may have better luck in the Humax forum, which you may find a useful port of call.
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