Pairing LG Universal Remote with Huawei Talk Talk Box

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Does anyone know how to pair a Huawei Talk Talk box with an LG universal remote? I would like to control the Talk Talk box with the LG universal remote. 


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    Greetings @RTB32 and welcome to the Community!

    If you can post the model numbers for the LG remote and the TalkTalk box, this will be very helpful.
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    The Huawei box model is DN372T. The LG tv model
    is LG - 49SK8500PLA 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV
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    RTB32 said:
    The Huawei box model is DN372T. The LG tv model
    is LG - 49SK8500PLA 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV
    Cheers for that, @RTB32

    From this LG link, you can download the Owner’s Manual, which will tell you on page 4 that the ordinary remote does not do this, and you need the AN-MR18BA Magic Remote to do this.

    Do you have that second remote with your set? If not, you would have to buy it, after first checking that your TV is compatible with it:-

    Separate Purchase
    Separate purchase items can be changed or modified for quality improvement without any notification. Contact your dealer to buy these items. These devices only work with certain models.
    The model name or design may be changed depending on the upgrade of product functions, manufacturer’s circumstances or policies.
    Magic Remote Control
    (Depending on model)
    Check whether your TV model supports Bluetooth in the Wireless Module Specification to verify whether it can be used with the Magic Remote.

    Though Curry’s say you get it with the set, which does support Bluetooth.

    But can you check that you have this remote? It’s the rounded one on page 11 of that manual, not the squarer one on page 10. Or maybe you have both?

    Anyway, as long as you have the Magic Remote, you can read how to set that up in the User Guide (English), linked from a little further down on that page.

    And if you still have queries, you can contact LG from the links at the very bottom of that page.

    You might also want to try posting on the TalkTalk TV Community, which will give you a second bite at the cherry of finding someone who has actually got the same LG TV as you, or an LG one very similar, and the Magic Remote for it (the exact TalkTalk box model matters less), and can give you exact instructions from practical experience.
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  • Hi, 

    I have a universal 7145 remote control, trying to configure my Huawei talktalk freeview box Dn372T with it.  There is not a code listed in the handbook, even though Huawei are huge.  If anyone knows a code which will work, I would really appreciate the heads-up.  I have a JVC tv, and I can get the tv working with it, but not the record features.
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