Aerial splitter weakening Youview signal

Lauren28Lauren28 Posts: 2Member

I have one aerial point in my flat (in the lounge) and I have two tv's - one in the lounge and one in the kitchen. I previously had an aerial splitter which I would put in the aerial point and it gave me two aerial inputs which before I had BT TV and my Youview box, both tv's worked absolutely fine with no signal problems. 

Since I have got BT TV and the Youview box, this has changed. My kitchen tv which is basic Freeview is still fine, but I can only get BBC channels and BT channels such as Comedy Central and BT sport (the programmes that work off the BT internet) on my main tv in the lounge. Every other freeview channnel does not work and it gives me a weak signal error YVM302. I now have the one aerial from the Youview box plugged into the aerial point so my kitchen tv is not linked up anywhere. 

Why is the Youview box affecting my tv signal as I know the aerial splitter and aerials all work as I had no issues before. I do not know why or whats causing the problem, but I now cannot use my kitchen tv which is frustrating. 

Can anyone help? 
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