TV image shows magenta channel only

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My TV & DVR work fine but when I try to play a DVD only the magenta channel shows. Is this likely a plugging error or a the DVD hardware? Sound is fine and color works fine with VHS.  Suggestions?

Surround receiver, CD/DVD/VHS player (I know, sort of quaint), DVR (Direct TV) and a digital TV plugged in together.


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    Sorry, our field of expertise is only with YouView boxes and YouView TVs here.

    But if a YouView box did this, I’d suspect the HDMI cable. Power both units off at the mains, link with a different HDMI cable, power on again.

    Thought: I suppose your ‘quaint’ device does have HDMI? If it’s SCART, though, you get magenta when the G (Green) of RGB drops out. Same advice as above though; try a different cable.

    If still no go, it’s probably hardware; look for a forum where your (unspecified) CD/VHS/DVD device is supported, and ask them.

    Good luck!
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