And then the lights went out....

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After John Lewis brought the new sofas, our Samsung TV on the wall started playing up.

(Nobody went anywhere near the cables - I just mention this as an example of when ‘after’ is purely chronological. Or should be).

When next switched on, it turned the soundbar on just fine, and the soundbar said ‘ARC’ like it should, and the volume indicator went up and down like it should. There just wasn’t any volume.

Lengthy diagnoses in the middle of Homes Under The Hammer are deprecated in our house so the fix was switching off the soundbar. After which the TV did at least produce the sound.

When I did try the soundbar again later it was fine, couldn’t see what all the fuss had been about.

The real weirdness came after that, when I put the T4000 YouView box on, from Active Standby. It grabbed the TV OK, switched to the relevant HDMI input... and then the TV said ‘nothing connected on this input’. So I switched the YouView box to Standby and then On, no improvement. So I power cycled it, it came on red, switched to blue, still the TV couldnt see it. And then all the lights on the box went off. Yet the box was still live, as when I pressed On, on the remote, it went into Standby (red), and let go of the HDMI port.

We then tried to use All4, but that just cycled endlessly on the startup screen.

So we decamped to another room, where the TV and the YouView box in that were behaving....

Thinking about it all later, I decided that even though we seemed to have encountered a new ‘impossible’ indicator lights state on the T4000, the only common denominator was the TV. So I reset that, and everything, including the YouView box, worked perfectly again. And didn’t seem to mind the new sofas....

But has anyone ever seen a YouView box that was On, even though its lights said it wasn’t?
Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats


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