Clipped recordings on Ultra HD Youview box

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I have experienced some scheduled recordings stopping before the end of the programme on BBC 2. I am trying to find out if the broadcasts had started late, but haven't been able to find out yet. My Ultra HD manual says "You can't add extra time before or after the recording". Any chance of adding this facility on a future update?


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    Sarah and Louise will want to know which programmes, if you can post which ones they were here, so they can take this up with the BBC.

    YouView uses AR, Accurate Recording, where the start and stop of programmes is triggered by the broadcaster, and this should cope seamlessly with programmes that start late, and/or overrun, if it is controlled accurately by the broadcasters.

    Sadly, this is not always the case with every channel, but the BBC are usually very good at it, so something has gone wrong here, which YouView will want to investigate on your behalf if you can name the affected programmes. At which others may come forward with their experiences, if these are programmes that they too have tried to record.

    As to adding extra time manually, this is called Padding, and YouView are signed-up paddingphobes....
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    Looks like you have fallen foul of this problem, which YouView and the BBC are already aware of, and working to fix.
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