[New Channel] BBC Scotland channel launch

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Hi all,

BBC are launching BBC Scotland SD/HD and in doing this, some channels numbers will be changing or being removed:

BBC Scotland - Channel 9
BBC Scotland HD - Channel 115
BBC Two Scotland - Removed
BBC Two England - Channel 2
BBC Four - Channel 82 (moved from channel 9)

Viewers will need to retune their YouView box in order to receive these new channels, a slate should have started appearing to advise of this. 

From the BBC - "From midnight on Sunday 17 February, BBC Two Scotland will cease to broadcast to viewers in Scotland. After this date, viewers in Scotland will receive the network version of BBC Two and content that would traditionally have been broadcast on BBC Two Scotland will become part of the content mix on the BBC Scotland channel."

BBC Scotland will fully launch on the 24th February.

I'll update this thread once the channel is fully launched.


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