Box is squashing 4:3 programmes

If I watch older TV shows that are broadcast in 4:3, my box is adding another set of black bars to the side on top of the ones already there making it super squashed. This includes the menu and TV guide as well. Does anyone know whats causing this or how to remedy it as its only been doing it recently.


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    Your box isn’t doing the supersquashing, your TV is, and it will be to do with the Aspect Ratio settings, probably under Screen in the menus.

    The YouView box assumes your TV is set for 16:9 (aka Widescreen, aka whatever equivalent name your TV might have for this).

    And when it detects a 4:3 signal, it embeds it in the middle 12:9 (e.g. 4:3) of a 16:9 signal with a 2:9 black bar either side, and sends that on to your TV as a 16:9 signal, with no indication that it was ever 4:3 originally.

    So you need your TV to be set to 16:9 to view it correctly.

    What do ‘normal’ 16:9 programmes look like? Do they fill the screen, or are these being squashed to 12:9 (4:3)?

    The last time we had a case of supersquashing was a user with an old 4:3 CRT TV, so old it had no 16:9 option, for whom 16:9 widescreen was being squashed into 4:3, and ‘4:3 in 16:9’ was being supersquashed (actually only squashed the same amount, but showing double black as you describe, which means it is perceived by the brain as supersquashed).

    I hope you do have a modern 16:9 TV there (letting us know the make and model would be helpful, so we can find and read its manual), or at least a 4:3 set that can do 16:9?

    If not, a new TV is your only solution.

    But let’s hope it’s just a wrong Aspect Ratio setting that you can find and fix on your existing TV.


    (1) It is contrary to DTG guidelines to send a 4:3 signal on as 16:9 without at least the metadata that can tell the displaying device that the signal was originally 4:3, so it can take action accordingly. A lot of people would like such material in Stretchyvision, expanded to 16:9, and most TVs can do that with direct broadcast signals that YouView hasn’t got its paws on.

    But they are only guidelines, not something D-Book mandated as they perhaps should be, and YouView are deaf to our pleas to adhere to them  :'(

    (2) When BBC4 show 4:3, they pre-embed it in the middle of 16:9 frames before it’s even broadcast. Very few TVs can stretch that; but if they can, they can stretch what YouView passes.

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    The TV is fairly new so its not that its an older TV. Only seems to do it on ITV3 and Challenge other channels that broadcast older stuff seem to be fine. TV make\model is HK25T74U.
    Normal 16:9 programs are displayed fine.
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    Tried itv3 at 07:45 today. Interminable 16:9 adverts, shown in widescreen, and finally(!) George and Mildred in colour 4:3. Black bars either side, but not supersquashed.

    Do you get that same experience of normal 16:9 ads, or if not, what do you see there?
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    Is it a Youview box?
  • wayneomacwayneomac Posts: 3Member
    During adverts it goes back to the normal 16:9 ratio. The channels are fine when watching on the built in freeview on the TV. 

    @al Yes, it is a Youview box 
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    Try using the Screen button on your TV remote (bottom right, third up) and see if you can tweak things that way.
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