Hd channels 1-5 keep dropping off

i have had trouble with the hd channels 1-5 dropping off 
my tv has them still
i have retuned numerous times and the channels stay from two days to a week 
any ideas


  • SarahSarah Posts: 1,040Administrator admin
    Hi @dozzer2120
    Welcome to the forum :)
    Can you please check your postcode and door number on the Digital UK coverage checker to see what your expected signal strength should be? It'd also be useful to know the transmitter your box is tuned to so we can check if there's any faults with the transmitter, you can find this on the Digital UK site when you entire your details.
  • sparky2002sparky2002 Posts: 2Member
    edited 27 February 2019, 6:19PM
    Same thing here. 
    Dtr t2000 located in rothetham, south Yorkshire.
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