Fixing a beeping hard drive and stuck in Nearly Ready loop - DTR-T2100

I thought I'd add this in case it's of any use to anybody else as I've just had to do this. Basically the DTR-T2100 stopped working going into a Nearly Ready loop. I tried to enter maintenance mode and restore but that wouldn't work either. I noticed the HD was beeping.

So, I did the following. Followed this guide to remove the HD and then followed this Youtube video to open up the HD where the the head was stuck.

After that I was then able to reinsert the HD into the unit and enter maintenance mode to do a factory reset, keeping recordings. 

If that doesn't work, you may have to do the following: If you have a 2.5" drive laying around, reformat it to FAT32 (on a Mac, use Disk Utility and MS-DOS(FAT) with Master Boot Record). Once that's done use that drive in your DTR-T2100 to factory restore the unit. Then unplug and put the old drive back in and do a factory reset (that's what I had to do, anyway). 
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