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Given that bt TV is wedded to youview why does it  need its own  BT TV forum. Wouldn't this forum be more suitable?


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    Given that BT TV is a service carried on YouView boxes, and that BT have effectively forked themselves off from YouView in terms of the services they carry, BT TV, BT Sport, and others, and that issues with these services are in no way under YouView’s control but they are under BT’s control, it has always made sense for BT, and not YouView, to support these services.

    Especially since BT’s forum predates YouView, and covers other aspects of BT services, broadband, phones, billing, even the supply of and subscription to their YouView boxes and services, and so on, meaning it made sense for BT YouView to have the same home as BT Vision, when the two services ran side by side.

    And I’m a great believer in OATK, which BT customers achieve with their overarching forum; even when they have a ‘pure’ YouView problem, BT will take ownership of it and get it resolved, without the customer having to decide if they should approach BT, or if they should approach YouView.
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     Good points @Roy, the same could be said regarding the Talktalk forum.
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    Agree with you both. Plus there are YouView forums on Plusnet, AVF, MyHumax and Digital Spy.
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