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I am thinking of buying the NOW TV smart box to watch F1 (instead of SKY), but want to know if i can record the races on my humax freeview..instead of getting up at some silly time in the morning... anyone know?


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    Unfortunately not. The now tv app on the T2000 only has movies and never allows recording. If you subscribe to TalkTalk or BT you can get sky sports that you can record but you have to buy it through them and BT only have the main event channel (although that does normally show most f1 races).
    This is due to change at least for BT customers but how and when is still not totally clear (it will at least be before August but that is obviously some way into the F1 season and certainly no use for Australia). The F1 races are normally repeated through the day on the F1 channel though if you want to watch a replay instead of live.
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    I used to have a Panasonic HDD DVR, which I think must have been from the analogue TV days, and which I could link to our non-recording Sky box, such that I could make a timer recording from the Sky box over the AV (SCART) input. If I remember correctly, then by using AV2 on the Sky box, it could even wake the Sky box out of a special standby state at start time, and put it back to sleep afterwards.

    One of those, coupled to a left-running NowTV Box (as the remote power-on feature wouldn’t work here) via an HDMI to composite video converter, would allow the recording of the F1, though not in HD. But if the recording device took component video, then this would be as good as HD.

    Either way, analogue recording isn’t subject to DRM; there was merit in these old devices for getting done what you wanted to get done.

    But there don’t seem to be devices like this available today; PVRs like the YouView box and its ilk have no AV inputs, and while there are still devices that record AV, those don’t seem to have timers.

    Maybe somebody else here can point to one, though? Otherwise, it’s eBay or Gumtree for old Panasonic DMR-something-or-others. I should have kept mine....
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    Cloner Alliance (Google it) do a range of HDMI recording devices that will take the live output from an HDMI source and dump the result to a USB stick or Hard Drive in various flavours of HD. I have the Evolve model and though I've never used it has the ability to schedule a timed recording. It's a bit limited in that you can only schedule one recording at a time (or the same every day) but then it's not really marketed as a PVR.

    It also has CEC wake-up and doesn't have a problem with recording HDCP\DRM material. You will of course have to have some way of playing the raw MP4 back but at least one of the other models in the range has a built-in player so with that one you never have to leave the environment.

    Similar devices that will do the same job are also available, in fact you can get Chinese "clones" of some of these devices for around half the price and that will (reportedly) support the same firmware updates as the originals, but at least if you get an original you have the promise of support should there be any problems.

    Of course a device like this will not only let you record a live feed but anything coming down the HDMI, such as a previously recorded programme. Just remember that making copies of copyrighted material is A VERY NAUGHTY THING.
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    Biz said: 

    Just remember that making copies of copyrighted material is A VERY NAUGHTY THING.

    It is, and indeed we shouldn’t even discuss it here. Except of course that every time we record something on our YouView boxes, we are doing exactly that same naughty thing, and yet we are officially sanctioned to do it.

    Because we are in a walled garden. So actually, is it going outside that walled garden that is the naughty thing? Well no, because we are allowed to convert our digital transmission into analogue component video, which can go up to 1080p HD, and that is officially sanctioned also.

    So it’s leaving the walled garden in digital form that is the naughty thing.

    But again, copies for your own use are fine; the problem with leaving the walled garden in digital form is that the powers that be only have your word for it that you aren’t going to distribute copies, free or for personal gain, and they won’t take your word for it, so DRM has to be rather more draconian than is strictly required,

    Which is why the devices that defeat it have to be rather naughtier than the needs of someone harmlessly trying to timeshift his watching of something on NowTV, which doesn’t support recording, when if he had it on a Sky box instead, it would all be perfectly above board.

    Ho hum.
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