Back to YouView with BT Ultra box question

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I’ve just come back to YouView for the weirdest of reasons! The YouView app is the best available (IMHO) and the most reliable for remote recording.

After fiddling and dithering for ages - nothing new there - I bought a used BT Ultra box. It’s working fine after a couple of hiccups getting IOS devices paired but I have a question.

The box stays warm even in standby and there is a constant very slight whirring noise from the fan or the HDD. Neither are a problem in any way but I just wondered if this is common.

Don’t go away. I’ll have lots more questions to ask. Thanks in advance your help.


  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,205Member ✭✭✭
    Yes, mine does both.

    Next question?
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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    I reckon these 4k boxes on Ebay are brilliant for what you pay and get. I love the led display and replaced  both my 2000 boxes.....but the jury is still out if the bedroom one stays as it is annoyingly noisy when trying to sleep. 
  • sevansevan Posts: 40Member
    I can understand that in a bedroom. We would have taken ours in the caravan (remembering the no internet issue) but the slight noise might scupper that although switching it off at night wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    My only problem is that I haven’t got any problems! It’s doing everything I want and doing it well. The app is great for setting recordings from afar and it remembers searches.

    The one hiccup I’ve had with the box is that when I hid the BT channels to which I don’t subscribe they stayed visible in the app. I see there may be ways of sorting that I’m quite happy to just ignore them.

    Sorry, Roy. No more questions yet but thank you for the help you continue to give.
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    The only way to get rid of the BT channels on the app is to change your ISP away from being BT.

    Or badger YouView to finish implementing Hide Channels.

    But I think BT have YouView’s arm twisted up its back not to do this  :'(
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
  • Would replacing the drive with a ssd reduce the noise? A 1tb is now around £110 which might be worth it...
  • GoodbyeGoodbye Posts: 269Member
    Apparently it's a fan thing 
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    Apparently it's a fan thing 
    I can hear disc noise and fan noise from mine, albeit both very faint. An SSD would stop the disc noise, and might reduce the heat that the fan runs to dispel.

    But I reckon our T2000 runs louder, in open space in our bedroom, and you can hear a gentle ticking at dead of night, if you really strain to hear it.

    But it could easily be the case that your hearing is more acute than mine.
    This is not the YouView that I knew  :'(
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