Humax remote control issue

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Had Humax HDR-1100S (i think!) apprx 3 weeks, all has been fine, the humax remote (as supplied with it) has now stopped working, and yes checked the batteries. Freesat now only works when pressing the basic functions directly on the box.  At the top of the remote the buttons (L-R) are 'STB' 'TV' 'On/Off' - any help to resolve this problem much appreciated


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    Hi MelB,

    This is a YouView forum which uses Freeview for its wares. Thats a nice piece of kit you've got there but it's a satellite box. The forum you want is here -

    Good luck.
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    Hi @MelB

    As @Visionman says, that’s not a YouView box you have there, so we can’t really say what’s going on here.

    But if it were a YouView box, then pressing the TV button would make the remote try to control the TV, rather than the STB, and you would know it was doing this because whenever you pressed a button on the remote, the TV button on it would flash, rather than the STB button.

    Making the remote control the STB again would be as simple as pressing that STB button once, after which that is the button that would flash when you pressed any other button, which would now be sending an STB instruction rather than a TV one.

    This is the first advice we give to YouView users who have lost the functionality of their remote, likely by accidentally pressing the TV button, which is easy to do.

    Depending on how similar the Humax remote on your Freesat box is to the Humax remote on a YouView box, you may find the above helpful.

    Just saying......

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