Programs and films record again and again...

PaulKytePaulKyte Posts: 4Member
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Recently, for the last few months at least a number of our scheduled recordings of tv programs and films randomly decide to record again without being instructed to, resulting in multiple recordings of the same programs and films. These are not series links but repeats a few days later. If I see them in the EPG I delete them, but occasionally a few slip through and record. What can I do about this?


  • LukеLukе Posts: 25Member
    This forum is for youview devices, and apps, but you don't say which model of youview you are using.
    I am aware of some non-youview devices which can do as you describe.  Which youview recorder do you own, or have you posted on an inappropriate site?
  • PaulKytePaulKyte Posts: 4Member
    We recently purchased a BT branded YouView box, the model number is DTRT2110, made by Humax.
  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Posts: 137Member ✭✭
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    Which channels are you experiencing this on?

    Who is your ISP as TalkTalk boosts are having issues on recording multiple times and also every instance of a programme on previous repeated series?

    BBC has also had issues recently, which now appear resolved.

    Deleting a programme before being watched, or an incomplete recording (say 58 minutes of a 1 hour show) will also trigger a recording if one is available.

  • PaulKytePaulKyte Posts: 4Member
    Our ISP is BT. The channels appear random; Film4, Channel 4, Channel 5, Paramount, BBC 1 and 2, ITV 1. Yes, we were aware of triggering something similar by say, deleting a program that hasn’t finished recording. 
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    Cant be avoided sadly, ITV 4 is amongst the worst. Most of its movies are in two parts with a stupid break in the middle for some celebrity gossip show which tricks the box into thinking it's an incomplete recording so it will record it again to get a complete recording. My youview box recently recorded the fog (the original not the pointless remake) three times.
  • PaulKytePaulKyte Posts: 4Member
    Sony Movie Channel also.
  • Davey23Davey23 Posts: 57Member
    Mine does the same thing, always has.
    Its not just the BT box either, i have a dn372t that does it and i also have a goodmans freeview box that has always done it and that has nothing to do with youview.
    As has been said already, until they stop splitting the films in two, to put an annoying show inbetween, it will always be seen as a series.
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